United Cities North America (UCNA) creates and builds sustainable and net zero (smart) cities and communities.

United Cities North America (UCNA) is the steward of Sustainable Development Goal 11 for North America and is committed to achieving The 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda

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UCNA creates the places where solutions to our planet’s greatest problems can grow, scale and meaningfully change the world.

Our smart city projects serve as global examples to showcase the future of sustainable cities and communities.

UCNA unites investors, collaborators, entrepreneurs and partners, large and small, to achieve The 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda.

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Our Process



Collaborate with local, state and federal authorities to co-create a UCNA Smart City Project. This could mean a rehabilitation of an existing area or a fresh build on a parcel within a city or nearby.

Every project includes an Innovation Hub, a Digital Twin with KPI assessment tools, Smart City tech and infrastructure upgrades.



Fund the project by combining UCNA’s global reach with our funding partners and own financing resources: Opportunity Zone Funds, Real Estate Funds, Venture Capital Funds, UCNA’s non-profit fund, UNCA’s Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and other funding sources.



Build the UCNA Smart City Project via partnerships with developers, builders, tech partners and local stakeholders.



Support and grow Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) focused companies housed within The Innovation Hub with UCNA’s Venture Fund & partner network. UCNA provides the resources and global distribution network to scale meaningfully and rapidly.

The end result is a newly constructed Smart City that supports the local community with jobs, live-work spaces and tech that brings meaningful sustainability and better living to the local and global community

The UCNA Innovation Hub

The UCNA I-Hub is a place to connect companies and innovative technologies with the capital, partnerships and growth opportunities they need to scale up and meaningfully effect the world.

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UCNA seeks to unite the whole world to achieve The 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda

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