UCNA innovation Hub

Uniting entrepreneurs, investors and partners into a global network to solve the world’s greatest challenges

UCNA innovation Hub

The UCNA Innovation Hub’s central role is to foster connections between and among companies, entrepreneurs, capital, partners, local government, academia and other stakeholders to build a robust, economically viable ecosystem for the community, the region, and the world.

The UCNA I-HUB is a Place to Connect, Collaborate & Create

The UCNA Innovation Hub is the "place" where the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region can convene, network, create, educate, and celebrate.

The UCNA I-Hub is the focal point for organizations, large and small, to collaborate with companies and entrepreneurs to define, develop, pilot, launch and scale products and services that support The 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda.

The UCNA Innovation Hub is accessible and welcoming to the entire community and region it serves. Useful educational programs and opportunities are available to all so the community can thrive.


Put simply, UCNA supports any tech, service or product that helps forward The 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda. And we support in several ways: From capital to deal making to distribution to R&D to corporate matchmaking, the UNCA I-Hub exists to grow and scale all comers aligned with The 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda.

Why UCNA is Different than other Innovation Hubs

When it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, the United Nations, United Cities Global and United Cities North America are richly endowed with global partners, entrepreneurs, investors, and global reach. The UCNA I-Hub is:

International: UCNA is affiliated with the United Nations with true global reach at the highest levels into companies, countries and capital sources.

A Capital Resource: with several venture funds, foundations and co-investor relationships to bring to bear, UCNA can bring monies to companies directly.

Action Oriented: Where learning happens, work is executed and deals get done.

Open Architecture: We are welcoming, accessible and the champion for anyone or anything that forwards The 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda.

Inclusive & Collaborative: UCNA is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Education Oriented: We are heavily networked with global universities and academia to bring the greatest minds and best practices from around the world to benefit each and every community.

The activities within the UCNA Innovation Hub will be on global display and UCNA will work in concert with all parties to co-create the future of tech, products and services that forward The 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda. The UCNA I-HUB serves as the gateway to our global ecosystem and accelerates business growth and economic viability in every city in which we are involved.

The Innovation Hub will offer:

Meaningful economic development within each city

Community empowerment through collaboration of local, regional and international companies, capital, employment, and income generation.

Authentic sustainability culture oriented around the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda and its 17 SDG’s

Return on Impact

Return on Investment

Global reach

Global Inclusivity